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Product Launches and Awards at Interop 2015

We’re back from the Interop 2015 Conference in Las Vegas, which took place from May 2-6 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, and was attended by about 12,000 people. There was a lot to talk about at the new and larger Savvius booth, which was kept busy with enlightening demos and lively discussions. The new company name, colors, and branding were also on display, and well received by our existing customer base, and new customers interested in our entry into the security market.

Just before the conference, we announced OmniPeek 9.0, the latest release of our award-winning network analysis software. OmniPeek 9.0 includes new features such as Application Awareness, which enabled engineers to identify the applications and even social media services associated with network conversations. Our goal with OmniPeek is to provide the most useful and intuitive solution available anywhere for analyzing networks, and Application Awareness makes OmniPeek even more powerful by enabling engineers to instantly see Layer 7 analytics along with the software’s many other rich features.

OmniPeek wasn’t the only Savvius product getting attention. Omnipliance WiFi, our unique solution for full-speed 802.11ac WLANs, was nominated as a Finalist for Best of Show at Interop. The Omnipliance WiFi is unique because it increases the ROI of existing AP infrastructures that capture and aggregate wireless traffic through the wired network to a centralized location, where the traffic and analysis can be viewed remotely using OmniPeek.

We also received an official plaque from Miercom, the independent testing firm, for Omnipliance TL’s industry-leading performance in loss-less data capture and reliable analysis for network forensics. “With a capture-to-disk rate of 25.33 Gbps and zero packet loss with 40G networks, the Omnipliance TL’s superior performance is well-suited for use in network forensic analysis,” commented Miercom CEO Robert Smithers on the occasion of Omnipliance TL’s performance certification last year.

We were pleased to introduce Interop attendees to Savvius Vigil, our newest network forensics solution and the industry’s only network appliance capable of storing weeks or months of packet-level data for investigating security breaches. We had launched Savvius Vigil the previous week at the RSA Conference. Attendees at Interop found it impressive, as well.

Our next big show is Cisco Live in San Diego on June 7th. We’ll be exhibiting in Booth #2924.

See you then!



Savvius at the RSA Conference 2015

We’re back from this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco. This is the largest security conference in the US. Over 40,000 people attended this year’s event. The sessions and exhibit halls were busy and crowded.


In the photo above, Bob Chapman, our Sales Representative for the North West region, is using his powers of peermap vision to gain visibility and actionable intelligence about a potential customers network management requirements.

The conference was especially exciting for us, because it was our first public appearance as Savvius, which was well received at RSA. Attendees coming by the booth could see and feel the energy around the new, more savvy, company name, the enterprise branding, and the clear messaging about Savvius as a company, and our new products and solutions. What we like to call “Savvius 1.0” was executed and released in a very short period of time just prior to RSA, and is evidence that Savvius is on the fast track to being a leader in security forensics. The best example of this is the debut of Savvius Vigil, our new network security forensics appliance for storing months of packet-level information for enhancing security investigations.

Reaction to Savvius Vigil was extremely positive. RSA attendees are security professionals. Their daily work involves anticipating, defending against, investigating, and stopping data breaches. They understand how stealthy today’s security attacks are, and they know, first-hand, how long it can take to track down and characterize an attack using the tools available to most IT departments.

That’s why Savvius Vigil was such welcome news to them. Savvius Vigil stores the network traffic associated with alerts raised by SIEM products such as HP ArcSight.

Storing all network traffic for a large enterprise indefinitely just isn’t practical, but Savvius Vigil’s recording and indexing of just the traffic associated with security alerts gives RSA attendees and their security colleagues the data repository they’ve been looking for. It’s an in-depth record of suspicious network events with all extraneous data filtered out. It’s like a highlights reel of suspicious characters from a crime thriller.

“That makes perfect sense,” one attendee told us.

We think so, too.




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